Islamic Revolution Photos by Kaveh Golestan

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Those days
Photo essay: Revolution

By Kaveh Golestan
February 1, 2003
The Iranian

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Tehran riots
Tehran University, 13 Aban 1357 (November 4, 1978)

Tehran fires, 14 Aban 1357 (November 5, 1978)

Masked rioter
Shooting at Tehran University


Blood on the street

Trail of blood
Trail of blood
Masked gunman 1

Masked gunman 2

Blood print

Qom riots

Chaharmardan riots, Qom

Night riots, Qom

Martyr's blood

Shoot-out at the U.S. embassy

shoot-out at U.S. embassy parking lot.

Political prisoners freed.

Street riots

General Naji, Isfahan.

17 Shahrivar (Black Friday) martyrs.

Funeral for a martyr.

Funeral for a martyr 2

Kids with Molotoc cocktails.

Young masked gunman.

Street barricade.

Kicking tear gas canister.


13 Aban (November 4, 1978).

13 Aban (November 4, 1978).

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