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33rd anniversary of Iran Islamic Revolution (PressTV 2012)

Sat Feb 11, 2012 8:28PM
Saman Kojouri, Press TV, Tehran
Iranians nationwide celebrating the Islamic revolution anniversary; 
Millions of Iranians took to the streets all across the country to mark the 33rd victory anniversary of the Islamic revolution back in 1979. 
Holding up placards and chanting slogans in support of the Islamic Revolution, people from different walks of life once again renewed allegiance with the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the late Imam Khomeini. 
On this day, high-ranking Iranian officials also joined the ranks of demonstrators to unanimously throw support behind the Islamic Republic of Iran, among them heads of the three branches of government. 
On February 11, 1979, the people of Iran under the leadership of Imam Khomeini, toppled the U-S-backed Pahlavi regime, putting an end to 2500 years of monarchy in the country. 
Addressing millions of demonstrators in Tehran, President Ahmadinejad said the Iranian nation has made significant progress despite Western pressure. 

Meanwhile Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh who is on an official visit to Iran, also addressed the crowd on the occasion, saying Palestinians will never recognize an Israeli entity. 
Experts say since its establishment 33 years ago, the Islamic Revolution has become a source of inspiration for all freedom-seeking nations across the globe and the Islamic awakening movement which has swept regional countries is the result of the lessons learned from Iran’s Islamic Revolution.

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